Summer Bucket List for Business and Family

Summer Bucket List for Business and FamilyWe are just two weeks away from summer vacation here at the Peterson house and I am trying to prepare for having all three of my girls home for the next 2.5 months. I absolutely love having more time with them, but it is hard to run a business when you also have three littles to take care of. So, in preparation for the summer I created a summer bucket list for business and family Read more

{Video} What is the Key to Marketing Success?

 I am often asked what is the key to marketing success. People want to know what is the one thing I should be doing to make sure that all of my efforts are not for nothing.

In this weeks video blog I talk about what you should be doing to see results in your efforts and find that marketing success you are looking for.  Read more

{Video} How Much Time Should You Spend On Marketing Activities?

I am often asked how much time should you spend on marketing in your wedding business? Below is a video about how much time you can expect at each season of your business.

As wedding industry professionals we are in a feast or famine situation with money and time. During our off season we may have a lower cash flow but we have more time to work on our businesses. During peak season we are rolling in cash, but our time is stretched to the max. This is why I often see wedding businesses be active and present with their marketing efforts during off months and then they disappear as soon as their first wedding of the season rolls around.

This feast or famine approach to marketing is a HUGE mistake if you are trying to build a profitable and sustainable business. You need to be out in front year round to make sure you are top of mind when people are looking to book.

I hope this video helps you determine how much time you need to be dedicating to marketing in your business. Read more

Are You the CEO of Your Wedding Business?

I recently read an article about the role of the CEO in a business and it really made me ask myself am I the CEO of my wedding business? The more I thought about my role in my business I realized that the way I am operating I am not acting like a CEO, I am basically EVERYTHING from administrative assistant to owner, but not quite CEO. For me this article came at the perfect time to look at the shifts I want to make in 2018 to move toward being the CEO of my business. As you read through I challenge you to ask: Are you the CEO of your wedding business? Read more