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Keeping Up With Your Marketing Activity During Wedding Season

Marketing Activity During Wedding SeasonIt is the start of the busy wedding season here in Washington!  I know from my days as a wedding planner that this can be the time that you shift focus away from your marketing strategy. It is totally understandable, but even though you are busy serving your clients it is still important to keep up with your marketing activity during wedding season. Read more

{Video} What Is Considered A Marketing Activity?

As entrepreneurs in the wedding industry everything we do can feel like a marketing activity. From the networking events we attend to the gifts we give our clients marketing tasks pretty much fill our time.

I am often asked what I think are tasks that fall under the marketing umbrella and what does not. This is important information to have for allocating your time and how to create a marketing budget in your business. If you do not know what is considered marketing, how to you assign a budget to that activity and how do you measure ROI.

In the video below I break down what I would consider marketing activities and what I would put in other categories.

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