Happy 4th Of July



4th of July Camping

I cannot believe it is the last week of June! This month has flown by with the end of school, dance recitals, field trips, etc. It always feels like a hectic last month of the school year.  Read more

Network As A Introvert

network as a introvertToday I am talking about how to network as a introvert. This has and is a struggle for me and for many other wedding professionals. Building your network, increasing your referrals, making connections with other wedding professionals. All things we know are important to a growing our wedding businesses. For some people, these are easy activities for others they are HORRIBLE! I will admit, I am an introvert and I HATE networking. Read more

Should You Use Stock Photos In Your Marketing?

stock photos Stock photos, a hot topic in the wedding industry. When you are building your website, creating your marketing materials or publishing content to social media, should you be using stock photos? This is a question that comes up a lot in the wedding industry and I think there is a yes and no answer. In my opinion it is ok to use stock photos for things like office desks or general stock images. It is NEVER ok to use stock photos as a representation of your own work. Check out the video below for more details.  Read more

Summer Bucket List for Business and Family

Summer Bucket List for Business and FamilyWe are just two weeks away from summer vacation here at the Peterson house and I am trying to prepare for having all three of my girls home for the next 2.5 months. I absolutely love having more time with them, but it is hard to run a business when you also have three littles to take care of. So, in preparation for the summer I created a summer bucket list for business and family Read more

Keeping Up With Your Marketing Activity During Wedding Season

Marketing Activity During Wedding SeasonIt is the start of the busy wedding season here in Washington!  I know from my days as a wedding planner that this can be the time that you shift focus away from your marketing strategy. It is totally understandable, but even though you are busy serving your clients it is still important to keep up with your marketing activity during wedding season. Read more

{Video} What is the Key to Marketing Success?

 I am often asked what is the key to marketing success. People want to know what is the one thing I should be doing to make sure that all of my efforts are not for nothing.

In this weeks video blog I talk about what you should be doing to see results in your efforts and find that marketing success you are looking for.  Read more

{Video} What Is Considered A Marketing Activity?

As entrepreneurs in the wedding industry everything we do can feel like a marketing activity. From the networking events we attend to the gifts we give our clients marketing tasks pretty much fill our time.

I am often asked what I think are tasks that fall under the marketing umbrella and what does not. This is important information to have for allocating your time and how to create a marketing budget in your business. If you do not know what is considered marketing, how to you assign a budget to that activity and how do you measure ROI.

In the video below I break down what I would consider marketing activities and what I would put in other categories.

Read more

{Video} How Much Time Should You Spend On Marketing Activities?

I am often asked how much time should you spend on marketing in your wedding business? Below is a video about how much time you can expect at each season of your business.

As wedding industry professionals we are in a feast or famine situation with money and time. During our off season we may have a lower cash flow but we have more time to work on our businesses. During peak season we are rolling in cash, but our time is stretched to the max. This is why I often see wedding businesses be active and present with their marketing efforts during off months and then they disappear as soon as their first wedding of the season rolls around.

This feast or famine approach to marketing is a HUGE mistake if you are trying to build a profitable and sustainable business. You need to be out in front year round to make sure you are top of mind when people are looking to book.

I hope this video helps you determine how much time you need to be dedicating to marketing in your business. Read more

How to Define Your Target Market

Define Your target marketSpending time to define your target market is key to executing a effective integrated marketing communications plan. You need to know who your market is to speak to them in a way that converts them from a potential client to a booked client. You may be reading this and thinking I do know my client, it is anyone who is engaged and needs my service. I would challenge you to dig deeper and find your target within that larger group for more effective messaging. If you are trying to market to everyone, then you are reaching no one. Read more