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4th of July Camping

I cannot believe it is the last week of June! This month has flown by with the end of school, dance recitals, field trips, etc. It always feels like a hectic last month of the school year. 

Network As A Introvert

Today I am talking about how to network as a introvert. This has and is a struggle for me and for many other wedding professionals. Building your network, increasing your referrals, making connections with other wedding professionals. All things we know are important to a growing our wedding businesses. For some people, these are easy […]

Should You Use Stock Photos In Your Marketing?

Stock photos, a hot topic in the wedding industry. When you are building your website, creating your marketing materials or publishing content to social media, should you be using stock photos? This is a question that comes up a lot in the wedding industry and I think there is a yes and no answer. In […]

{Video} What Is Considered A Marketing Activity?

As entrepreneurs in the wedding industry everything we do can feel like a marketing activity. From the networking events we attend to the gifts we give our clients marketing tasks pretty much fill our time. I am often asked what I think are tasks that fall under the marketing umbrella and what does not. This […]

How to Define Your Target Market

Spending time to define your target market is key to executing a effective integrated marketing communications plan. You need to know who your market is to speak to them in a way that converts them from a potential client to a booked client. You may be reading this and thinking I do know my client, […]